From Her Heart To Yours

After experiencing digestive problems, being diagnosed with gastritis and going through a strict medical diet, Larisa ended up with internal bleeding. This was her wake up call to utilize natural alternatives and overcome these health struggles. While in graduate school, Larisa could no longer deny God’s calling to take her knowledge of herbs that helped her and that was passed down to her by family generations. And, follow her heart in pouring her love and passion to positively impact your life and support a healthier, happier & better you, by starting Larilu.

The journey of sacrifice & faith!

"God and his gifts have been the cornerstone of my family for what is now Five Generations. Not too long ago, I came from Moldova to the USA and with no knowledge of English, no acquaintances and only $20 in my pocket, I decided to stay and pursue the American Dream. After getting my undergraduate degree in business, I joined a top Fortune 500 company and had a rewarding career. I then went on to get an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin. Yet, I recall sweet memories of my granny, and I bonding over a freshly made cup of herbal tea. And, the sunset evenings when my grandmother and I roamed nearby forests to pick Chamomile, Linden, St. John, and other herbs used for natural sickness treatments, teas, bathing, or making beauty products. Supporting our health with God's given gifts is the lifestyle passed on to my two beautiful baby daughters. And now on to you!"
Larisa (Lari) Founder & CEO

be strong. be confident. be you!

- Larisa (Lari)